Keep that Mandela Day spirit going all year round! This Mandela Day, as in previous years, many of us will donate our time – 67 minutes or perhaps more – to helping our communities become better places to live. The spirit of Mandela Day brings people together – young and old, employers and employees, companies […]

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Millennials texting mobile phone messages leaning on a wall – Group of multiracial friends using cellular standing outdoors – Concept of Millennials addiction to social networks and  technology Did you check your Facebook newsfeed this morning? If so, chances are you are not a millennial. Millennials, or the generation of young people born roughly between […]

We recently wrote about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and looked at its impact on the working environment… will it replace your job (probably not) and how AI is making customer interactions more effective and businesses more secure. As big data becomes more pervasive and data analytics allow more and more industries to understand their customers and […]

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Multicolored businessman. Close-up of a pocket of businessman with colorful pencils while standing against blackboard How do you know how creative your employees are? In our last blog post we looked at how you can encourage your employees to be more creative, and how to tap into the latent creativity in everyone. We examined the […]

Brain doodle illustration, sketched brain concept with textures What is creativity? Although the dictionary defines it as: “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness,”[1] creativity can be hard to identify in an organisational context. Dr Jeff Gaspersz (professor of innovation management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in the Netherlands and an acclaimed speaker […]

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Should you outsource? Human resources is a specialist discipline that requires expert knowledge and broad experience to implement successfully. It is one of those corporate departments that goes unnoticed when performing well, but causes havoc when it gets things wrong. Furthermore, HR is not one unified function. Recruitment and selection require a very different skill […]

What does AI mean to you? If you think it stands for artificial insemination, you’ve probably stumbled across the wrong website! But, assuming you know it means artificial intelligence, just how much do you actually know about it? Does it worry you? How much impact do you anticipate AI and digitalisation will have on your […]

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It’s nearly time to relax! But first…make sure you – and your business – are ready for next year   Here at EOH Human Capital Solutions, it has been a busy year. We are all looking forward to a break. Hopefully, your business successfully ended 2017 with satisfied customers and a healthy balance sheet, and […]

  Monday, 16 October, was Boss’s Day in the US. If you’re a boss, you may think every day is Boss’s Day, or you may be feeling a bit overlooked by your staff. How your employees behave toward you is influenced by your leadership style. Do you know what yours is? A Google search of […]

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Furthermore, it’s in everyone’s interests to provide screening services in the workplace, usually through corporate wellness days. Not only does it make it easier for employees to access screening, and remove the need to take time off work for a clinic or GP visit, it sends a clear message to staff that they (and their health) are valued and the company is prepared to set work time aside for this important health initiative.