Traditionally, organisations have focused on identifying and selecting people based on their skills and experience. While finding a candidate who has the right set of skills and has done a similar job is a good indication of future performance, research and practice increasingly point to culture and value fit as a key differentiator in the selection process.

How can we define the term ‘Fit’ in the workplace?

According to Dedré Lemmer a well-known lecturer and Industrial Psychologist, ‘Fit’ is when there is a high degree of compatibility between the employee’s abilities and the job requirements and compatibility between the employee’s values and the organisational and business culture and values.

The aim would, therefore, be to measure not only person-to-job fit but also person-to-organisation fit in order to detect the values of applicants. Values are the root of a person’s personality and behaviour. When the values of the organisation, the job, and the candidate align, then positive outcomes are likely, including reduced turnover and increased job satisfaction, commitment to the organisation and performance.

EOH can provide a tailor made validated pre-employment/pre-assessment screening solution developed by Industrial Psychologists that is designed to facilitate achieving the best possible ‘person to job to organisation’ FIT by incorporating the unique values and culture of your organisation.



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