Struggling with some discipline issues on your team?

Seems like every sports team has at least a couple of athletes who love to push the envelope when it comes to team rules.

Some athletes are notoriously late, others have too “active” of a social life and others just have not gotten down the whole concept of responsibility and accountability.

One of the biggest disruptions to team chemistry is when some athletes, especially the superstars don’t follow the team rules.

How do you get everyone to agree on and abide by your team rules?

This one day workshop is for you, if you want to learn how to: disciplinary action
2.correctly draft a charge sheet
3.collect and present evidence
4.question and cross-examine witnesses
5.drafting and delivering closing-statements
6.present mitigating and aggravating evidence
7.write a findings report
8.chair a disciplinary procedure

Book here for the workshop: champions-and-discipline

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