What do coaching managers do?

The constantly changing and utterly unpredictable world in which we find ourselves present business leaders with complex challenges – often unprecedented challenges – that needs new innovative and flexible solutions.

Coaching has proved to provide a host of benefits to organisations such as increased loyalty, connection and commitment.

Coaching helps an employee feel comfortable with management and encourage open communication, resulting in a positive work experience.
In addition, coaching guides an employee along a career path resulting in an employee well versed on company expectations.

This one day workshop is for you, if you want to:
1.what makes coaching different to leadership or management skills?
2.what is the role of the coaching manager?
3.adopt a coaching style that meet the needs of your team
4.coach in a team context
5.coach and relational systems
6.understand how to use coaching skills in the workplace
7.learn core coaching skills that you can apply in the workplace.

Book here for the workshop: coaching-champions

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