Many well respected companies recently announced the end of annual performance reviews.

Often citing that it is time consuming, excessively subjective, demotivating, unhelpful, it does little to improve performance and sometimes even demotivate employees.

Yet 90% of companies around the world continue with standard performance management practices.

The challenge facing HR and managers is not recognising that it might not be working, but what to replace it with.
While the system may be broken, the fact remains that productivity, employee engagement and morale are at an all time low.

The question may not be how do we fix performance management, but rather what can we possibly replace it with?

This one day workshop is for you, if you’ve ever wondered about any of the following questions:
1.What patterns are emerging for next generation performance?
2.How to collect, analyse and interpret objective performance information in real-time?
3.Are companies still linking performance data to reward?
4.If we cancel performance management tomorrow, what do we replace it with?
5.How do we get the most out of our employees?
6.How can we increase productivity, employee engagement and morale?
7.What motivates people?

Book here for the workshop:creating-champions

25 October – Performance for champions


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