Person-job fit can be defined as the compatibility between individuals and the job or tasks they perform at work. This definition includes compatibility based on employee needs and the job being able to meet those needs, as well as job demands and employee capacity to meet them.

Person-job fit can potentially have a positive effect on an individual’s performance, eliminate costly mistakes in hiring, reduce turnover, and can even be used to attract talent.

What did we find?

Higher levels of satisfaction and mental and physical wellbeing occur when a good fit exists between the person and the environment. Individuals adjust better and are more satisfied with jobs that correspond to their own career preferences.

Research has shown that, at any level, the impact of wrong or ineffective selection and placement of a person can have a significant impact on the bottom line of an organisation.

EOH can provide a tailor-made, validated pre-employment/pre-assessment screening solution developed by Industrial Psychologists that will help you achieve the best possible ‘person-job fit’, by incorporating the unique values and culture of your organisation.



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