This workshop will equip you with financial intelligence skills to enable you to make smart choices.

We live in a world where our wants and needs are constantly changing and this means that our financial needs also change.

In order to be able to cope with these changes we need to be able to manage our finances intelligently.
You play the most important role in managing your finances, and the workshop will equip you to manage your finances in the best manner possible.

Throughout the programme you will be increasing your knowledge and develop your financial intelligence skills!
The workshop covers practical examples and exercises about situations that you may come across in your daily life

This workshop aims to equip employees (unskilled and semi-skilled) with basic financial know how and to educate employees to make sound financial decisions.

During this one day workshop we will cover personal and behavioral finance

Module 1: My life with Finances
• Orientation exercise
• Socio-economic circumstances
Module 2: Finances gone wrong
• Unforeseen Events
• Differentiating between wants and needs
• Buying on Credit
Module 3: Financial Foundations
• Managing expenses
• Informal and formal institutions
• Generating extra income
• Interpreting my payslip
• Budgeting and planning
Module 4: Banking my finances
• My bank account
• Using my bank account
Module 5: Financial decisions
• Understanding your emotional relationship with money
• Making smart financial choices

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