HR Strategy

Mergers, acquisitions, rapid growth and declines, globalization and diversification require the support of Human Resources Departments that are strategic business partners. Focused efforts by Human Resources functions can enable business strategy realization.

Our Value Proposition

Through our extensive experience in the Human Capital field and being conscious of the acceleration of non-linear change in technology, institutions, demographics, the environment and values, we facilitate the development and implementation of HR strategy that will enable adaptive Human Resources. HR strategy should integrate and align people, processes, systems, vision, mission, values, operating and external contexts in order to add value to business.

  • We bring energetic, capable and experienced facilitators to initiate, and together with our clients, complete the strategic journey.
  • We understand strategic processes and the role of Human Resources in business.
  • We encourage evidence-based approaches.
  • We strike a balance between continuity and change.
  • The identification, mitigation and management of risks are non-negotiables.

Our Approach to HR Strategy

Relevance, business impact and successful implementation differentiate excellence from mediocrity. We consider our client’s unique context, Human Resources capacity & capability, the level of maturity, business cycle and business strategy during the development of Human Resources strategy and implementation. The process involves;

  • understanding Human Resources maturity and role in strategic management;
  • unpacking the organisational context and business strategy;
  • understanding the current state, trends, patterns, and core capability;
  • by being futurologists – looking ahead;
  • defining the strategic plan – from here to there; and
  • metrics…metrics…metrics
  • HR Strategy (PDF)
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  • Workforce Planning Strategy
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